Sunday, April 18, 2010

Exterbal Links in SharePoint ASPMENU

Hi Folks,
Back after a long time off blogging. Anyways, just a simple stupid thing I wanted to alert you with:
Many times you may have 2 or 3 or even 4 AspMenu controls on your master page. This is usually the case in Publishing Internet facing portal, when you have links on top and bottom of master page other than the default Site level AspMenu navigation. Ones like these below, that will point to external sites out of our environment like or

(picture taken from

Well, nothing much, only that if you go with your default developer tendancy to copy paste the existing providers to create new ones will, kind of, make you scratch your head for a while as to why the links are not showing up. It took me 3 foolish hours to actually realise that, I'd had too much of vodka the night before to not see such a simple thing :
All the existing SharePoint providers registered in web.config have securityTrimmingEnabled set to true

So if you are copy pasting the existing providers and planning to simply change the required properties like providername or sitemap file, then keep this at back of your head to change this node, basically take this out or else, it will act upon the sharepoint's default role based membership and people and group membership and not let any of the external links render. For more Info in this, check out SiteMap Navigation Security.

Simple, you see, just dont waste time like i did.

Lots of stuff coming up ahead, keep checking out....


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