Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Picker control for Sharepoints' ghosted application pages

This was the thing, one of my client needed a ghosted application page available across site collections. The form, as usual, had data fields one of which happened to be Date field.
Well, no problem, we very well have Sharepoints' DateTimeControl to do that job, dont we??. Only when i was testing the form, when i realized that control needs the required Javascript files on the page. referencing /_layouts/DatePicker.js dint quite solved my problem. On little research, i found out, there were couple of more javascript files that needs to be referenced on the page. Couldn't exactly nail till now..which. I was still doing a little research on net, when i found this cool ASP.NET datepicker control on my hard drive. Hell, dont even now from where and when did i downloaded this thing, but its cool. It was a little raw. i Sharepoint-ized the control and decorated it a little bit and showed it to my client as a temporary fix asking for sometime till i knock how to get DateTimeControl working on ghosted application pages. But it seems my client found this control cooler than Sharepoints' DatePicker. Frankly, this guy is really cool. I have put this thing up here as a CodePlex project.

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