Friday, January 04, 2008

Sharepoint 2007 Custom Field - Query Based Lookup - II

Thanks for all the comments and suggestion, (and my personal R&D) that i could fix lots of bugs and loop holes in the control (Both Custom query based lookup and parent child control).
The updated copy can be found on my esnipspage as usual.

See you guys soon with my new utility that i am working on called "doc dumper".


Anonymous said...


I'm getting a "Folder Not Accessible" error at your esnips page when trying to view page 2. Looking for the compressed rar. along with the cascading dropdown control, and custom lookup compressed rar. Also many of the items says "Broken Link" when clicking them. Thanks, Phil

infopath signatures said...

A special thanks for this informative post. I definitely learned new stuff here I wasn't aware of !